Located in Salt Lake City, UT, The Avenues is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city. This historic district was first surveyed in the 1850s and is generally considered younger, more progressive, and somewhat “artsy” due to its perfectly grid-like, closely laid out roads. The Avenues is a notable area consisting of 100 square blocks that feature residential, commercial, and civic architecture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was originally developed in the 1850s to primarily cater to artisans, tradesmen, and common laborers.

Just over a decade later, in 1867, Madeleine Choir School opened as Rowland Hall-St. Marks School. It still stands today as the oldest private school in Utah state history. Since its founding, this educational institution has educated some of the finest minds throughout the region. 

In addition to the many residential buildings that are within The Avenues, there are also several significant public and commercial buildings, including Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church which was built in 1893 by two renowned architects. Another example of well-preserved architecture within this area is the Twentieth and Twenty-seventh LDS Wards, constructed during 1906–07. 

One of the most remarkable buildings within this neighborhood is The Barlow House, a brick Queen Anne-style house currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today it serves as a museum that exhibits antiques from this era, such as handcrafted furniture pieces and unique decorations from Victorian-era homes across northern Utah state. 

The Avenues Historic District is a special place that has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark since 1965. Its 487-acre area includes 143 historic buildings that have been well-preserved and still stand to this day, even though they were built almost 150 years ago. The streetscape layout is also unique, adding to the district’s charm and character. Pioneers initially developed the district from other countries who chose to make this area their home amidst the stunning landscapes found throughout northern Utah state. Even now, people still appreciate the district’s beauty and history.

The Avenues continues to be an attractive destination for residents looking for an authentic urban experience while remaining close enough to downtown Salt Lake City attractions. Throughout recent years there have been several locally owned businesses, such as restaurants or cafes, popping up around every corner, providing a great place for locals and visitors alike to relax after enjoying all this fantastic area offers them each day! Whether living near The Avenues or simply visiting, you won’t want to miss out on one of Salt Lake City’s most iconic regions that have remained true to its roots all these years.

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