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There is absolutely no advantage in using the dry-cleaning method to clean your carpets. In fact, all of the major carpet manufacturers require that you use a steam-extraction method of cleaning at least once a year in order to uphold your carpet warranty. Dry-cleaning has no way of extracting the soap and soiling in your carpets, therefore leaving a great amount of residue in your carpets which will attract new soiling and dirt at a much quicker rate!


You can expect an average of four to eight hours before your carpets are completely dry. Many things factor in when talking about dry times. The current weather conditions, the amount of air circulation in your home, the type of carpet fiber you have in your home and the actual severity of soiling your carpets have.

Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets with a steam-extraction method of cleaning at least once every-year. Other factors that you want to consider when deciding on the amount of cleanings are; the number of people in your home, if you have pets living in the house and the climate of where you live. In a very dry-climate environment like Utah that has very cold and wet winters, we recommend cleaning your home at least two to three times a year because of what is tracked in your home from outside. Also the fiber type and color of your carpet can factor with the amount of cleanings. A very thin fiber, light color of carpet will not hide the soiling as well as a darker, thicker fiber carpet.


Absolutely not! In fact, all major carpet manufacturers recommend that you do request your carpet cleaner to re-apply it immediately after they have been cleaned with a steam-extraction method. Stainguard/Scotchguard is already on your carpet when purchased. Over time though, it can be worn down from normal wear and tear of walking on it and, when using a steam-extraction method of cleaning, the stain guard will be stripped off because of the deep cleaning. We highly recommend re-applying the stain guard immediately after the cleaning to ensure your carpets stay in top notch shape for years to come!


Absolutely not! The reason that this rumor has spread to so many people is from other carpet cleaning companies not extracting well enough. By leaving residue in your carpets, it will attract dirt at a quicker pace. Cleaner Carpets & Surfaces guarantees that all dirt attracting residues will be thoroughly extracted to ensure that your carpet stays cleaner longer.

Cleaner Carpets & Surfaces provides professional installation, repair, cleaning and maintenance for your home or office. We use cutting-edge technology and guarantee our workmanship to the entire Salt Lake City area.


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